Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: UFC commentator Joe Rogan's opinion now fight has been made


Boxing never fails to surprise us, but the latest shocking revelation that Floyd Mayweather will return to the ring to fight Logan Paul has raised a lot of eyebrows.

Combat sports personality Joe Rogan is just one of many to already have his say on the exhibition fight, and he for one finds it 'hilarious'.

He described the fight as “one of the most ridiculous things ever,” as organisers plan to pit a YouTube personality against “literally one of the greatest boxers who ever put on gloves.”

Rogan added: “I mean, you can have an argument about who the greatest fighter of all time is, but [Floyd] better be in there.”

However, the popular podcaster does believe that Logan Paul’s size presents an issue.

He said: “Logan Paul is a really good athlete and he’s an enormous man. If it was an MMA fight I would pick Logan Paul.

"Listen to me, there’s a video of Logan Paul wrestling with Paul Costa, it’s real live wrestling sparring where he is exhibiting real skill.

“Logan Paul is hanging in there man [in the spar], with an elite, championship level fighter – a guy who went to war with Joel Romero and walked him down. Costa’s a monster and Logan Paul is hanging in there.”

The truth is, though, Paul is unlikely to be able to make his size count, thanks to Mayweather’s legendary defensive skillset.

Rogan explained: “In a boxing match, it’s going to be hilarious. The only thing is that Floyd is so much smaller than him. Logan’s a big guy. Could you imagine if he clips Mayweather on the temple?”

There is also a debate around where the event is likely to take place and whether boxing sanctioning bodies will be happy for it to be fully licensed as a professional bout.


“The thing about it is – who’s going to sanction that?” asked Rogan. “The weight classes are so different. I don’t think Floyd walks around at more than 155lbs, maybe 160 at the most.”

However, recent match-making form suggests that getting the bout sanctioned won’t be too much of an issue. Logan’s brother Jake Paul recently took part in a sanctioned bout in the US against Nate Robinson. The former NBA player appeared to be a complete boxing novice in the fight and was quickly – and brutally – stopped by Paul.

The referee has since been criticised for not stopping the fight sooner, having realised that Robinson was over-matched.

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