Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Fight Night simulation ends in brutal knockout


Following the news that Logan Paul is set to fight Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather in 2021, gamers have already rushed to simulate the bout on Fight Night Champion.

There’s very little in the way of realism in this particular simulation, other than the fact that Paul is notably much, much larger than Mayweather.

We recently heard Joe Rogan note that Paul’s size is the only possible issue for Mayweather heading into this bout.

Otherwise, the fact that Paul is able to land plenty of leather on Mayweather in the opening round will have boxing fans scoffing. 

The simulation sees Mayweather floor Paul several times en route to a stoppage victory, but pundits would likely suggest that a points win for Mayweather is just as likely.

If we discount his win over Conor McGregor, Mayweather hadn’t stopped anyone in a professional ring since 2011. As a result – and thanks to the size differentiation between the two – Mayweather will likely be happy to cruise to a decision win, using his keen defensive skills and accurate punching.

“All that’s happened all night long, is one guy punishing the other,” declared the Fight Night commentators – and that could well be the case when the pair meet in reality. We certainly saw Mayweather punish McGregor for stepping into his world – the boxing ring – but will we see the same against Paul? 

Another downside to this simulation is that Fight Night Champion just doesn’t do Mayweather’s defensive style justice. It’s understandable because the game isn’t exactly cutting edge tech at this stage, having been released in 2011, but it simply can’t capture “Money’s” fluid movements and the way he easily turns defensive work into offense. 

That fluid adaptable style is sure to present problems to Paul, whose only real experience is two bouts against fellow YouTube star KSI. As a result, fans all over the world will be asking – ‘How is he qualified to fight Floyd Mayweather? Why is this bout allowed to go ahead?’ The answer – as it often is in boxing – is money.

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