Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Eddie Hearn reacts to exhibition boxing fight being made


As a man who has promoted a bout between Logan Paul and KSI himself, you might think Eddie Hearn would be all for a Floyd Mayweather vs Paul fight, but that’s seemingly not quite the case.

The Matchroom Boxing kingpin has had his say, labelling the fight “madness”.

He told iFL TV: “I’ve just got absolutely no interest in watching that at all.

"I will say one thing – the worrying thing for boxing is that people are a lot more interested in watching things like that [than real top-level pro fights]. You look at Tyson vs Jones – I mean how many buys did Errol Spence against Danny Garcia do at the weekend? – maybe 200,000? They reported that Tyson did a million.”

He admits too, though, that he can’t be too critical, having played a key role in the evolution of the celebrity boxing circus we have today.

“It’s tough to criticise isn’t it?” said Hearn. “Because I’ve done one, but I did it with two YouTubers which was at least competitive. I just don’t really see the attraction of that one. I mean, even Mike Tyson against Roy Jones Jr… at least you don’t really know what’s going to happen. With Logan against Floyd? I don’t see the narrative. One of the greatest fighters of all time against a YouTuber who is 0-1? But I’m available to promote it.”

It seems the cat is well and truly out of the bag when it comes to YouTube stars boxing – there has been huge demand for more bouts involving the Paul brothers Logan and Jake. The question for many fans, though, is whether this new trend will enhance the sport by attracting more fans, or damage it by reducing the quality of televised fights.

Hearn explained his stance on that question: “We’ve got to be a little bit careful that we don’t just say ‘This does numbers let’s do it.’ We have to drive the great fights. We have to make Fury against AJ and we have to make Crawford against Spence. But I would do Jake Paul against KSI. I do think that’s a good fight.

“I love the fight fans community because they’re so passionate, so opinionated, but it is literally just an offering. So, why would you have a freak out about it? Because ‘It’s not right for the sport?’ Who cares – let them get on with it. Don’t tune in. You’re never going to stop people from trying to make money out of things like that. If the numbers work, those things will always happen.

“It’s just another event. Some fights are good some fights are sh**. Some films are good some films are sh** – you ain’t got to go to the cinema and watch it, have you?”

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