WWE news: CM Punk names his two conditions for a return to pro wrestling

CM Punk has named his conditions for a wrestling return

CM Punk has long been rumoured to make a return to pro wrestling, but it hasn't happened yet. 

'The Best in the World' hasn't set foot inside the squared circle since his infamous exit from WWE in 2014. 

But he's never fully shut the door on his return and that's why so many believe he'll be back one day. 

Where Punk would end up though, is another question altogether. 

He could return to WWE as a hero - and an obvious main event star - or he could start fresh in All Elite Wrestling. 

If the fan favourite did end up in either of those promotions, it would send shockwaves through the sports entertainment industry. 

So exactly what would it take to see that? Well, speaking to Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast, Punk named his two main conditions for a pro wrestling return. 

Punk could return to the WWE ring one day

"Without wanting to insult anybody on either side of the fence, any WWE talent or AEW talent, it would take above all an interesting scenario.

"A story that would be fun to tell. Also, just the stupidest amount of money.

"But they could save themselves a whole lot of money if they just presented a fun storyline. Now, what that is, I don’t know. I’m a pretty picky guy, especially at this point. 

Punk wants to face new challengers in the ring

"I think there are more interesting people on the AEW side of things for me to wrestle."

Punk went on to namecheck Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks as potential stars he'd want to share the ring with. 

"But that’s just because I’ve never wrestled them before - Young Bucks and Kenny Omega," he continued.

Punk fancies a match with Omega in AEW

"Talking about your husband [Jon Moxley], I look at that and I go, 'well, I wrestled him already [in WWE],' so it’s just less interesting than something new.

"On the WWE side of things, I don’t know that there’s anybody there currently that I haven’t wrestled that I would be interested in wrestling." 

So, it sounds like Punk's preference would be a deal with AEW. Please, pleeeasseeee, get it signed one day!  

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