Snooker: Bizarre β€˜secret’ dump shot phenomena blows fans and players away


Jimmy White has demonstrated a phenomenon that is is quickly becoming a sensation in the snooker world.

A shot shown on Eurosport’s coverage of the Scottish Open has left the collective snooker community wondering how they never knew it existed.

In the clip, 6-time World Champion runner-up Jimmy “Whirlwind” White shows that if the shot is straight, you can play the dump shot, which is a type of safety shot. 

The idea is if you hit the red onto the cushion and the cue ball on the adjacent cushion, the two balls will bounce off and will always collide regardless of pace of the shot.

The effect of this pushes the red ball away from the pocket and into a safe spot.

“This is incredible,” says presenter Andy Goldstein as White demonstrates.

“Apparently, if the shot is completely straight and you try and play a dump shot, in the time it takes for the red ball to hit the top cushion and the white ball to hit the side cushion, no matter how you play this, they will collide.”

White has confirmed that he has always been aware that the shot has been possible, but curiously not a lot of the top professional players know about the shot.

Australian Neil Robertson did not know about the shot until a few months ago, according to presenter Andy Goldstein.

Some fans have reacted on Twitter:

“How many years I’ve watched snooker and didn’t know that!”

“I knew this because I’ve had it happen 1234350709709093740597 times.”

“How have I known about this for years but someone like Robbo didn’t? Coach at local club told me about it.”

So if you feel adventurous and want to impress your friends at your snooker club or want to impress on a night out in the Student Union bar, then this is the shot for you!

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