Manchester derby: Roy Keane and Micah Richards were on top form before Man Utd vs Man City

  • Rob Swan

Micah Richards appears to be the only person capable of making Roy Keane raise a wry smile whenever they’re working together.

The former Manchester City and Manchester United stars have formed an unlikely punditry double-act over the course of 2020.

And viewers were delighted to see them on screen together once again on Saturday ahead of the Manchester derby.

You get the impression that Keane has a soft spot for Richards, whose larger-than-life personality is too infectious for even the ex-Man Utd captain to get angry about.

And Richards, aware of this, never misses the opportunity to wind up the Irishman.

The former England international posted a video on his Twitter account on Saturday in which he asks Keane for his prediction for the Manchester derby.

Watch the funny video here…

Only Richards can get away with this sort of behaviour around Keano.


There was another amusing moment later in the show where Keane reacted to Richards saying he liked to see footballers playing with a smile on their face.

Keane, who couldn’t be any different to Richards in terms of personality, was in total disagreement, much to Richards’ amusement.


“I never like players who smile, too relaxed,” Keane said. “You’re there to win, remember.”

Watch that clip here…

Move over Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville, Keane and Richards is our new favourite unlikely football bromance.

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