Michael Jordan's new golf course delivers beers on drones for the players


NBA legend Michael Jordan just made golfing a whole let better with the installation of a state-of-the-art drone-delivery service that serves food and drinks to those playing on the course.

While MJ made a name for himself in the NBA, he has also dabbled in some other sports, including baseball, where he played one season in Minor League Baseball, and of course, golf.

Following his NBA retirement, he became very involved in the sport, as he participated in various charity tournaments, as well even hosting his own annual tournament from 2001 to 2014, the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational.

Beyond playing the game, Jordan became a majority investor in a golf course called The Grove XXIII. Located in Hobe Sound, Florida, the luxury course notably uses drones to deliver food and drinks to members while they’re on the course.

Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki posted a viral video of the drones in action, and my oh my we are amazed.

As seen in the video, the drone drops off a brown, paper bag to the player wherever they are on the course, and the player would then unhook it and go about their game while having snacks ready to go whenever they please.

This seems quite utile given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and social distancing measures in place across the globe. The question now is whether other luxury courses will invest in the same technology as MJ in order to compete.

The drones are undoubtedly the main attraction of the course, and regardless of the overall course quality, many would surely attend just to say they had their beer delivered via drone.

The course is quite exclusive and has just under 100 total members, and those lucky golfers will surely never get tired of having their refreshments and snacks dropped off by a drone while they enjoy a beautiful day on the course.

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