Arsenal fan close to tears in viral reaction to Premier League defeat against Burnley

  • Kobe Tong

Arsenal fans are left licking their wounds after the 1-0 defeat to Burnley on Sunday night.

The visit of the Clarets, married to the return of Gooners to Emirates Stadium, looked to be the perfect chance for Arsenal to right the wrongs of their woeful start to the 2020/21 campaign.

But clearly, things are going to get much worse before they get vaguely better as the north London side plunged to their most embarrassing defeat of the season.

Arsenal 0-1 Burnley

Burnley had entered the game as relegation candidates with just one win from their opening 10 games, but managed to grab three points thanks to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s own goal.

However, the door was left wide open for Sean Dyche’s men to win when Granit Xhaka was sent off for a head-scratching incident that saw him grab the neck of Ashley Westwood.

It was, by all accounts, a catastrophic evening for Arsenal that saw fans tearing their hair out both in the stands and living rooms across the world.


Arsenal fan’s explosive rant

I’m sure that you’ve all seen the volcanic reactions on AFTV by now as well as Troopz losing his mind out in America and thousands calling for Mikel Arteta’s head across social media.

But of all the responses we’ve seen to the defeat, we’re not sure any of them come close to that of Twitter user @GwattsRants, who went viral with a video of his impassioned post-match thoughts.

Headphone users beware because ‘George’ held absolutely nothing back with his raving reaction, which you can check out below as well as the full transcript of his explosive rant:


“I’ve had enough! I’ve had enough! Burnley! Losing 1-0 at home! I’m sick of it! Arteta, I’ve defended you, but you’ve got to go! There’s the door! Turrah!

“Honestly, Xhaka, go! Leave! Look what you’re doing to me! I’m sick of it! We’re losing 1-0 and we’re passing it around the back! 

“Aubameyang, we sacked 50 staff to pay for your new contract and what do you do!? Nothing! But the blame just ain’t on you. Arteta, you have to go! 


“I’ve backed you, I’ve backed you ’til the cows home, but now’s enough! Five points off the relegation zone! Losing to Burnley! Burnley! Take it in! I’m sick of it! I’ve had enough! 

“I’ve had enough! I’ve had it up to here! He’s got to go! Xhaka, you’ve got to go! I’m absolutely sick of this club! I’m done! Finished!”

Wowsers. That can’t have done wonders for your blood pressure, George.


Tough time for Arsenal fans

However, mock his reaction as much as you like, it goes to show just how much Arsenal means to so many people and it’s been tough for fans to watch them struggle on such a consistent basis.

Besides, this particular Gooner isn’t alone in thinking that Arteta has run his course and the longer Arsenal stew in the bottom half of the table, the quicker that will become the prevailing opinion.

But regardless of who is stood in the dugout, there can be no denying that things need to change at Arsenal in one way or another because they’re barrelling towards a historically-disastrous season.

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