WWE news: Chris Jericho reflects on TLC spot that 'could've killed him' vs Triple H & Shawn Michaels


After a more than 30-year career containing thousands of matches, Chris Jericho could be forgiven for not recalling every aspect of his legendary run in detail.

However, the current AEW star is certain never to forget the night of the first-ever WWE TLC pay-per-view event, back in 2009.

Heading into the event, Jericho was one half of the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions, together with Big Show. Known as 'Jeri-Show', the duo would defend their titles against Triple H and Shawn Michaels of D-Generation X.

The match, which would headline the show, was a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. That stipulation was an interesting one, given the monstrous size of Big Show. 'The World's Largest Athlete' is hardly the first superstar that comes to mind when it comes to the TLC match format, made famous by daredevil performers such as Jeff Hardy.

The presence of Big Show in the match did allow for some unique storytelling, though, offering spectacles that smaller performers are simply unable to provide.

One of the planned spots in the match was not a great idea in hindsight, to say the least, though. Jericho revealed on Twitter this week that an overambitious stunt during the bout nearly cost him his life.

The moment concerned involved Jericho climbing onto the shoulders of his massive partner - with the intention being that he would end up tumbling through a strategically positioned table on the outside of the ring. 

However, having already ascended seven feet up the huge frame of Big Show, Jericho was faced with one almighty drop to reach the table.

His landing, unfortunately, did not go to plan. Falling straight down, Jericho barely grazed the table and dropped directly on to the floor.

"I almost died!" Jericho tweeted in response to a GIF of the incident.

His close friend and former WWE superstar Lance Storm also joined in, questioning the wisdom of the stunt.

"Jesus, put that on the What the Hell was I thinking List," said Storm, parodying one of Jericho's former gimmicks.

Thankfully, Jericho was not badly injured. He and Big Show, though, did lose their championships at the end of the match!

The presence of the TLC pay-per-view on the annual WWE calendar means that Jericho is likely to receive a yearly reminder of the hair-raising moment.

WWE officials will be hoping that there are no similar incidents this Sunday, when WWE TLC 2020 takes place. Roman Reigns defends his Universal Championship against Kevin Owens in the famous high-risk match as the headline attraction.

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