Jack Grealish banned from driving: Shocking footage shows him smashing into two vehicles


Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish has been banned from driving for nine months and fined more than £80,000 for two motoring offences.

Grealish already had six points on his licence for a speeding offence in 2018 before he was involved in a crash in Dickens Heath, near Solihull, on 29 March. He was then involved in a second incident near Villa’s training ground on 18 October.

Before entering Birmingham Magistrates' Court, another man arrived in Grealish’s vehicle and distracted the media’s attention before handing out Cadbury's Milk Tray chocolate.

Meanwhile, Grealish snuck into the venue on foot.

In the court, CCTV footage showed shocking footage of Grealish offences.

The first one, back in March, saw the England international reversing his Range Rover with some force into a van before fleeing the scene. He soon returned but reversed into another car before mounting a curb.


District Judge John Bristow was told a witness said Grealish smelled of "intoxicating liquor" and was slurring his words after the crash.

The incident came during the start of the coronavirus pandemic and less than 24 hours after Grealish posted a video appeal urging people to stay home to save lives. He had been at a friend’s house six days into the national lockdown.

The video also showed footage from October as he was seen speeding and tailgating vehicles on the M42. The same day, he was clocked driving his Range Rover at 98 mph by police observing him in an unmarked vehicle.

Grealish's lawyer, John Dye, said the footballer was "deeply ashamed".

Mr Dye told the court: "Not just because reputationally this is problematic for him but he is genuinely sorry."

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