Jake Paul vs Conor McGregor: Boxing fight has been simulated on Fight Night Champion


Jake Paul has recently ramped up his rivalry with Conor McGregor to a whole new level.

The YouTuber this past week alone has called out the UFC star and insulted his fiancé, attacked Dillion Danis with water balloons before calling him 'Conor's b***h' and finally leaked a private message he sent the Irishman. 

All of this is an attempt to rile up McGregor and lure him into accepting a fight. Any bout between the two men would see both of them make a substantial amount of money.

Jake's brother Logan will fight Floyd Mayweather next year, and if McGregor would agree, this would rival that fight as a blockbuster bout. 

Though it is unlikely a match between the two would ever actually happen, we can still enjoy seeing what might occur.

Due to Fight Night Champion, Boxing Fight Simulations has been able to simulate the fight between the two. Both Jake Paul and Conor McGregor were created in the game, so the appearances aren't quite accurate... but just use your imagination.

Jake Paul started the simulation strongly. In round two, he went at McGregor swinging wildly, which eventually led to the Irishman suffering a cut eye.

In the later rounds, the Irishman got retribution as he landed a punch that cut the US star above his eye. As the bout lingered on, both competitors began to fade, with several wild strikes failing to find their target.

As we reached the dying embers of the eighth round, both men were exhausted. The final bell rang, meaning it went to the judges' scorecards.

In a shocking twist, the judges decided the bout was a draw; scoring it 76-76. 

I think it is safe to say despite the match being entertaining, in reality, the result could be very different. 


Even if these two could agree a deal to fight, we still don't know whether it would be a boxing match or a mixed martial arts bout. In either, you would assume McGregor would come out on top as his class would be too much for Paul to handle. 

While we wait to see how this rivalry unfolds, this simulation gives us a little taste of what could be.

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