Aston Villa news: Jack Grealish calls out The Sun for 'printing lies' about driving charge

Aston Villa's Jack Grealish

Jack Grealish appeared in court earlier this week, where pleaded guilty to two counts of driving without due care and attention.

The Aston Villa captain has been banned from driving for nine months and fined more than £82,499.

Back in March, Grealish reversed his Range Rover into a van. He drove away but then returned, where he then reversed into a parked car.

The Sun claimed the owner of one of the vehicles Grealish crashed into has not received an apology from the 25-year-old.

Reginald Woodcock, 73, is reported to have said: “I don’t follow Villa – none of them. If that’s the way he wants to live his life, that is up to him, but footballers are overpaid.

Aston Villa's Jack Grealish

“There was a little bit of damage. I don’t know who dealt with it. I didn’t pay for the repairs.”

But Grealish has taken to Twitter to fire back at the English publication.

“Don’t mind people writing rubbish about me, but don’t print lies. This is not true one bit as how would I have fixed and payed for the van if we hadn’t spoke? I apologised plenty of times.”

Grealish’s lawyer, John Dye, told the court that Grealish was ‘deeply ashamed’ with his actions and had already paid for the damage he caused.

“He is deeply sorry and deeply ashamed of being here in court, his home court,” he said, per “He has never been to court before. He is a man of good character.

“He tries to put everything right and makes everything worse.

“To his credit he stayed at the scene. He told people at the scene he would pay for damage. In fact he has paid for the damage. There is no application for compensation.

“He can afford to pay for it and he has done.”

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