Jake Paul FaceTimed Dillon Danis' girlfriend Savannah Montano amid Conor McGregor beef


Everybody now knows who Jake Paul is. The YouTube sensation who simply loves to make headlines.

First it was with his fight with Nate Robinson, and now it appears he has taken another swipe, this time with MMA fighter Dillon Danis.

Spicing this new feud up a little, Paul decided to make a surprise call to Danis’ girlfriend Savannah Montano.

Unfortunately for Paul, the call did not have the impact he was hoping for. Montano was quoted as saying that she only accepted the call to simply see who was calling her. When she found out who it was, she responded by calling Jake Paul a “f***ing loser."

Montano then decided to post the video and went on to say that the tension between Paul and Danis is between them and not her. She even went as far as to say that she felt physically sick at the sight of Paul when she answered the call.

YouTuber Paul then put his side of the call on his social media and it appeared that both of them were actually having a conversation.

Paul posted the video and wrote: "Aye @dillondanis come get your girl back."

However, just moments later, Montano then put her side of the call on social media to clear up any misconceptions.

She added to her post with the title: "Anyone else see me visibly gag?"

There was then another video put up in which Danis’ girlfriend had to defend the call again. She was quoted as saying that she did not want to get between the men who are clearly playing a dangerous game.

She said: "I'm dead confused at some of you guys saying, like, 'Oh, but why did you answer his call?' As if I have his f***ing number saved in my phone, it was literally a random number, you can literally see in the video I'm like, 'Who is this?'

"And as soon as I see his face I'm, like, 'Eww, what the f***? Like, stop, stop, stop, I'm literally f***ing nauseous, like, I'm gonna go throw up right now, like, ugh.'"


Montano added: "I just wanna say that everybody that's not Jake Paul's 12-year-old fans can clearly see that he's just a f***ing loser and I don't know how he got my number, and that s***'s embarrassing and I don't want to be associated.

"It's f***ed up that I'm being used as a pawn in this bulls***."

This was after many fans ridiculed Jake Paul after seeing his latest antics which involved throwing water balloons at Danis before retreating in his car.

Jake captioned the video: "Caught the biggest s*** talker slacking Dillon Danis you gotta check in when you come to LA. #GenerousDriveBy."

In the video, which is now famous around the world, Danis, who is a Bellator fighter and currently holds a 2-0 record, was doing an interview. He is perhaps more commonly known as being part of a close knit team with fellow fighter Conor McGregor. However, the interview was cut short after Jake Paul started hurling balloons at the fighter.


"Hey look, it's Conor McGregor's b**** right there," shouts Paul, before chucking insults and water-filled plastic at Danis.

In the video, Dillon Danis can be seen actually catching one of the water balloons and throwing it back in the direction of Paul, however, his driver drove him safely away.

This has led to fans questioning why Paul was eager to escape from Danis who he was calling a "p****".

One fan wrote: "You ran away because he'd tie you up like a pretzel and snap both your arms in 30 seconds in a street fight," another added: "You just ran away from him. Could have stopped the vehicle and talked to him face to face."

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