Boxing: Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather's FaceTime call that sparked mega-money fight

  • Kobe Tong

Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather is on course to be one of the strangest sporting events in history.

It's astonishing to think that a YouTube entertainer with a professional boxing record of 0-1 would be taking on arguably the greatest boxer of all time, who by comparison, won 50 out of 50 pro bouts.

But hey, after all the bizarre things that have happened in 2020, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that arguably one of the biggest mismatches in boxing history is taking place at the start of 2021.

Mayweather vs Paul

At the end of the day, money talks and people will buy Paul vs Mayweather in their droves.

Even though we can all be 99.9% certain that Mayweather will cruise his way to victory in what isn't even a professional bout, there's still that tantalising question of 'what if?' in the back of our minds.

Besides, while it might be easy to completely discredit Paul because of his defeat to KSI last year, we can at least point out the physical advantages he has over Mayweather.


Why did Mayweather take the bait?

The internet sensation is taller than Mayweather, possesses a longer reach and is technically several weight divisions above him, perhaps upping the chance of a historic knockout.

But hey, I better tear myself out of fantasy land before I become completely lost down the rabbit hole, so let's rewind for one second and inspect how this crazy fight actually came about.

Yes, we know that Mayweather loves a dollar bill more than most, but you can't help feeling as though he can only lose in the eyes of the public unless he secures a sensational knockout.

Well, we're actually one step closer to finding out the story behind the fight with Paul ending his YouTube silence this week to reveal the FaceTime to Mayweather that set the wheel in motion.


Paul and Mayweather's FaceTime call

On the advice of his management team, Paul got a direct line to Mayweather during one of his meet and greet sessions, before proceeding to wind him up with some unabashed trash talking.

And then, remarkably, the video shows the breakneck process of the Mayweather team sending over a contract and the unbeaten legend announcing the fight on his Instagram page.

What is life - am I right!? Well, you can check out the FaceTime call down below to see the inciting incident.

Paul paves the way

Do you know what? You've got to respect Paul for having the unmentionables to possibly speak that way to Mayweather and he's bagged himself a massive pay packet in the process.

Sure, you could say it's disrespectful and a bad look for boxing because both of those arguments have merits, but everything points towards a win-win scenario for the YouTuber.

Unless he's wiped out in the opening two rounds, he can leave with his head held high knowing that he blagged himself a fight with one of the greatest boxers ever and vaguely went toe to toe.


Do I think he's going to win? Of course I don't, but I can't help tipping my hat to him for being able to pull off one of the most absurd scenarios in sporting history - it's going to be entertaining.

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