Jockey suffers double arm break which requires surgery, two plates and a lot of screws


An Australian jockey’s horrific break was caught on camera last week following a dangerous fall at Goulburn races. 

Koby Jennings suffered a sickening double break after falling from his horse Eliseo during a race. Images show the jockey’s arm bending in two different directions from the elbow. 

Jockeys are famously tough and – if the photographs are anything to go by – Jennings is no different. He’s pictured with a smile on his face as he looks down at his badly mangled arm. 

The photographs show several medics and a fellow jockey gathered round the seated Jennings, who seems remarkably composed given the severity of the break. 

The unfortunate jockey was taken to Norwest Hospital for treatment. X-ray images showed further detail on the break and it’s just as bad as was initially expected. It will require two plates and “a lot of screws”, as per The Sun, to heal Jennings’ arm and return it to its normal shape.

It’s unfortunate timing for Jennings too, closely following his career highlight win last month. In November’s $7.5m Golden Eagle race, Jennings rode to victory onboard Colette, taking his career to new heights. 

Reportedly, Jennings’ injury will sideline him for at least 10 weeks, but he says he’s not in a rush to return to racing. 

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He said he plans to return in March, explaining: "I won't be rushing anything because I kind of rushed back a bit quick when I broke my jaw last year and I don't think that was for the best.

"I was planning to have Christmas off this year and spend it with the family down in Victoria so I will take some time."

The jockey has encountered plenty of success in his career, racking up over 300 winning rides and taking almost $8m in prize money.

We’re wishing him a speedy recovery.

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