UFC news: When Conor McGregor lost the war of words battle with Eddie Alvarez back in 2016


Conor McGregor has a fierce reputation in the Octagon, but he’s also known for his sharp tongue.

Normally, his trash talking has seen him come out on top in press conferences, but there was one exception.

Eddie Alvarez is the only man to truly get the better of McGregor in the trash-talking stakes.

When they faced off in the UFC 205 press conference in 2016, the Irishman came off second best. 

Alvarez controversially criticised the fact that McGregor had, at one point, on his route to UFC stardom, been in receipt of state benefits. 

The American said: “You were on welfare brah. You ain’t no man, you took welfare… Don’t you talk about money. You took money from single mums; single mums go on welfare.

“Don’t talk about money. Keep your mouth shut when you talk about money.”

McGregor was, as usual, claiming that he’s one of the UFC’s biggest financial successes, but Alvarez was quick to try and shut that down.

The hard-punching Irishman provoked the money-talk with his own boasting about a pair of new Rolls Royce cars. He said: “We had one Rolls custom made and then the second Rolls came today. One Rolls for each gold belt.”

Comments about welfare payments being solely meant for “single mums” are sure to raise a few eyebrows, but the speech did seem to have the desired effect. McGregor did not look his usual, energised, confident self as the comments were made. 

UFC fans were also quick to pick up on the fact it was the first time Notorious had lost the war of words.


Alvarez fired another impactful shot across McGregor’s bows in the press conference, when he said: “Conor’s having two kids and his wife’s not having twins. You do the math!”

The comment led to an awkward silence in the auditorium and has reportedly since been disproved by a DNA test. 

The Irish fighter had the last laugh, though, as he went on to defeat Alvarez, stopping him in the second round of their title UFC lightweight title bout. 

McGregor used his signature style, accurate combination punching, to get the job done. The fight was stopped three minutes into the second round.

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