Premier League: Ranking every club's official Christmas jumper from worst to best


Christmas has been cancelled for millions of us in England.

Many of us face being stuck in our household without seeing loved ones over the festive period.

The only thing that will get a lot of us through is the ridiculous amount of football to watch.

There are matches being played on Boxing Day, December 27, December 28, December 29, December 30, New Years’ Day, January 2, January 3 and January 4.

Football and Christmas go hand-in-hand like mince pies and mulled wine.

Therefore, we’ve decided to look at every Premier League club’s official Christmas jumper ahead of the festivities and rank them from worst to best.

20 | Aston Villa

Christmas jumpers are supposed to be pretty ugly and this certainly ticks that box. The pattern makes you want to throw up but it’s also quite intricate and features plenty of Christmas themed images. We’re not sure about ‘Allez, Allez, Allez’ being written across the jumper with that song hardly being synonyms with Villa. Without the subtle club crest and the words ‘Villa,’ you can’t tell it’s a club jumper. Also, it’s a template which knocks it down even further.


19 | Manchester City

City’s jumper is exactly the same as Villa’s but ranks just above it for the sole reason that it includes the words ‘Blue Moon’ instead of ‘Allez, Allez, Allez.’ It includes penguins, stockings, snowflakes, the club crest, the words ‘blue moon,’ ‘city’ and ‘ho ho ho.’ Like Villa, it’s not obvious that it’s an official Man City Christmas jumper.


18 | Burnley

Claret is a nice Christmassy colour and you could probably get away with wearing this on the big day. The reindeer is pretty standard but draping him in a Burnley scarf with the club logo stitched onto it is a nice touch.


17 | Leicester

I mean blue is a pretty Christmassy colour, isn’t it? Quite why Leicester have decided against using their club colour is a baffling decision. It’s obvious why they’ve opted for a large fox on the front but it looks kinda scary. Poor.


16 | Sheffield United

Imagine strolling into the living room on Christmas Day with two large blades on your chest. They would be useful for carving up on the turkey, I suppose. Not to mention that it’s black. As with others with this design, the sleeves look a bit bare – presumably to help referees differentiate between sleeve and arm for the new handball rule.


15 | Tottenham

If you think simply sticking a Spurs woolly hat on a Santa Claus would win us over then you’re absolutely right! It’s pretty lazy but we don’t mind it.


14 | Fulham

Fulham’s jumper is certainly different – and we’re ranking it slightly higher as a result. Let’s start with the negatives – it’s black. Not exactly very festive. But what’s not to like about elves having a snowball fight and a reindeer playing golf with a candy cane? It’s clearly a Fulham jumper with ‘Fulham Football Club’ written across the front. The badge probably isn’t needed and appears far too high up.


13 | Newcastle

As we mentioned with Fulham, black really isn’t Christmas friendly. But Newcastle have done their best with their hands tied. You can’t miss the rather large club crest as well as ‘Newcastle United’ and ‘Magpies’ written underneath it. It’s pretty ugly with the blue pattern in the black jumper but, as we’ve mentioned, ugly is good.


12 | Brighton

This jumper is clearly a template following Newcastle’s effort. Brighton’s gets the nod over the Toon’s solely based on the fact that it’s blue, rather than black.


11 | West Brom

It’s lovely for West Brom’s jumper to wish us a ‘Merry Christmas’ via a very merry reindeer. A pattern of holly features throughout and the arms feature Christmas trees and snowflakes. What counts against the jumper is the fact the club badge is so hidden on the right hip.


10 | Manchester United

‘Santa is a red,’ claims the Manchester United Christmas jumper. Consider their bitter rivals’ nickname is ‘The Reds’ that’s probably not the best thing to admit. And what about that empty space at the bottom of the jumper? Surely they could have stuck something there? All in all, though, it’s easy on the eye.


9 | Chelsea

A jumper that makes your head look enormous on a little body never gets old, does it? On this occasion, it’s Santa wearing a Chelsea outfit holding a football. We’re not too sure on ‘Chelsea Wonderland’ but we’ll let them off.


8 | Everton

Where do we even begin with this? It’s a mess which is what we like to see. Festive patterns along with a club crest, players with Santa hats on as well as fans celebrating. In contrary to Man Utd’s claim, Everton say ‘Santa is a blue.’ He literally wears red, lads.


7 | Liverpool

After an incredible 2020, Liverpool have released a decent Christmas jumper. A canvas of red certainly helps, while they’ve used a secondary colour of green as a Christmas tree with the words ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ acting as the angel on the tree is the club crest. Could’ve included the Premier League trophy or something.


6 | Leeds

Leeds have made this more about their club than Christmas. Elland Road, statue of Billy Bremner and the words ‘Leeds United’ make this, quite clearly, a Leeds jumper. Throw in a starry night and Santa riding on a sleigh pulled by reindeers and you’ve got yourself a perfect Leeds/Christmas combo.


5 | Crystal Palace

We’re big fans of this one and can just imagine Roy Hodgson tucking into his turkey wearing this number. It’s got holly, it’s got snowflakes, it’s got reindeers, it’s got a subtle club badge and it’s got ‘Eagles’ spanning across the midriff. They’re helped by the sheer fact their club colours are red and blue but Palace have nailed it.


4 | Wolves

No templates involved here. We really wish it was gold instead of black but other than that, we love it. Santa playing football inside Molineux is what everyone wants to see. While the reindeer playing a sleight with the banner ‘Wolves Ay We’ is a lovely touch. Well played.


3 | West Ham

Oh we all love a Christmas pun, don’t we? ‘I’m Forever Blowing Baubles’ doesn’t really make sense but let’s ignore that. Every thread on the front is accounted for with snowmen, gingerbread men, Santa hats, presents, reindeer and hammers. You certainly get value for money.


2 | Southampton

‘Last Christmas, I gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away! This year, to save me from tears, I’ll give it to Hassenhuttl.’

Oh wow. Southampton have taken Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ and made it even better. Bet you won’t be able to listen to the original version without thinking of Hassenhuttl now. Who’d have thought Hassenhuttl would get a Christmas jumper dedicated to him after losing 9-0 to Leicester last season?


1 | Arsenal

Arsenal probably have the nicest kits in the Premier League this season but, most importantly, they have the nicest Christmas jumper. Despite their club colour being red, the Gunners opted for the ‘bruised banana’ effect – and it paid off in style. The word ‘Gunners’ differentiates this jumper from just a beautiful Christmas jumper. Genuine 10/10.

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