UFC news: Highlights from the fight Khabib Nurmagomedov 'lost'


Khabib Nurmagomedov may have retired from UFC this year with a perfect record of 28-0, but fellow fighter Justin Gaethje has suggested the record is undeserved.

That is because Gaethje, who was defeated by Khabib in the Russian’s final fight earlier this year, believes that he lost to Gleison Tibau back at UFC 148.

His comments were made prior to the big fight in Dubai in October, in which Khabib emerged victorious via technical submission.

Speaking to ESPN, he simply stated: “I think he lost to Tibau though, that’s just me.”

The bout was only Khabib’s second visit to the Octagon back in July 2012, and the judges awarded him victory via unanimous decision.

Generally speaking, it appeared that it was not just Gaethje that believed the fight was awarded to the wrong man. Many, including UFC commentator Joe Rogan, seemed to indicate that the Brazilian should have been awarded victory on the night.

And when asked to name his toughest opponent earlier this year, Khabib listed Tibau ahead of the likes of Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier, both of whom he has defeated in the past.


Speaking to FightSpace, he explained: “I think it would be wrong to single out someone alone.

The most difficult is the one with whom I fought in October 2018 [McGregor], more emotionally, probably than physically. Gleison Tibau in 2012.

The fight was notable for Khabib failing to record a single takedown, a method which helped him to see off both McGregor and Poirier in future fights.

You can view a tactical analysis of the fight below, which shows that perhaps the correct winner wasn’t called after all.

He was still able to get the job done in the eyes of the judges, however, and quickly blazed a path through to the very top of the sport.

And whilst he is currently officially retired, UFC president Dana White has revealed he is set to meet Khabib in Dubai next month

The meeting takes place in the same week as McGregor and Poirier are due to face off in the Octagon, with the winner of the fight, scheduled for January 23, slated to take on the Russian if he does come out of retirement.

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