Eddie Hall vs Thor: The Beast passing out doing 1,000KG leg press


In September last year, Eddie Hall attempted a 1,000KG leg press and showed the world once more why he is “The Beast.”

In his YouTube video titled “Passed out doing 1.000KG leg press,” ‘The Beast’ does exactly that. He also explains that 1,000KG is his current personal best for that particular machine.

To put it into a ridiculous stat, one adult male grizzly bear weighs, on average, approx. 500KG. So, put two of them on a leg press machine, and ‘The Beast’ can do that. Strength.

If that doesn’t already sound like enough – before he has even touched a leg press machine – Hall begins his leg workout by squatting a heavy 220KG.

That’s not even his personal best – which sits at 300KG – but Hall explains that due to a hip injury, he stays at a comfortable 220KG (yep, “comfortable”).

The former World’s Strongest Man then proceeds to load the leg press machine to its maximum capacity of 850KG. However, that’s not enough for the British strongman.

Oh no, instead, Hall decides to up the weight even more, placing more plates and then dumbbells on the top to total 1,000KG.

After doing four reps (which is ridiculous considering a lot couldn’t achieve one), ‘The Beast’ immediately passes out when he locks up his weights.

On the vlog, Hall is shown laid out for a brief few seconds, before coming round and asking his cameraman: “Did I just black out then?”

The strongman currently has over 1.59million subscribers on his YouTube channel, with videos showcasing just how much of a unit he is.

Now confirmed for a boxing match against Hafthor ‘The Mountain’ Bjornsson scheduled for September 2021, Hall has been continuing his vlogs with training videos, showcasing his boxing progression.


Hall is looking to shred his weight to make him the more agile of the two, but will still bring his ridiculous power that he shows day in and day out on his vlogs.

Meanwhile, ‘The Mountain’ has also been in the ring training for the fight, and has announced an exhibition bout for January against Northern Irish heavyweight Steven Ward – a three-round, three-minute bout.

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