Premier League: What every manager has asked Santa Claus for in 2020


Christmas is upon us and what a Christmas it could prove to be.

As we prepare for socially distanced turkeys and one-ended Christmas crackers, Premier League managers will remain hard at work as they prepare for the second half of the season.

So here at GiveMeSport we thought we’d shed light on what a Premier League manager’s letter to Santa Claus might include:

Dean Smith – Aston Villa

Big Dean-o hasn’t asked for much this year.

A man of little want, his biggest wish is for a series of driving lessons, not for himself, but for Jack Grealish. 


One of those lovely Aston Villa-branded mugs from the club store would truly make it a Christmas to remember for Dean.

Graham Potter – Brighton

You just know that Potter is the kind of man who would be absolutely buzzing to wake up to a seven-pack of Sainsbury’s thermal socks on Christmas morning.

As if that wasn’t enough, he’s also put in a request for Lynx Africa toiletries as he hopes to cap off what would be a wild Christmas.

Nuno Espirito Santo – Wolves

What could someone as effortlessly suave as Nuno possibly want from Santa? 


It’s tricky to say, but you can be certain that magnificent beard needs some upkeep. Beard oils and shampoo’s are always a home run gift for Nuno.

Other than that, it’s unsurprising to learn that the Wolves boss has also asked St. Nic for another lesser-known Portuguese midfield talent that will probably take the Premier League by storm.

Carlo Ancelotti – Everton

You simply can’t go wrong with a lovely bottle of Italian red when it comes to Carlo.

His annual request for a suit that ‘looks even better’ always presents Santa with a mighty stern challenge, but, he has yet to let the Everton boss down.


This year is set to be no different and we can expect a devilishly dashing Carlo to grace the sidelines post-Christmas.

Scott Parker – Fulham

The Fulham boss has just one request and it’s not a difficult one to fulfil.

‘Penalty taking for Dummies’ will certainly make a fine addition to Parker’s library. 

Sam Allardyce – West Brom


English football’s perennial journey-man will still be on a high having been appointed the new manager at West Brom.

As a result, he hasn’t asked for much from Santa other than a peculiar request that simply reads.

‘Give me more than 67 days’.

Hopefully the north pole boss can work out what that means.

David Moyes – West Ham

In truth, the West Ham boss has had a fantastic end to 2020. West Ham are looking in fine fettle and Michail Antonio has just signed a new contract.


However, Moyes will never be happy until he wakes up to a Marouane Fellaini-shaped package under the tree.

A man can dream.

Marcelo Bielsa – Leeds 

The Argentine maestro has really made a splash in England since he took the reigns at Elland Road.

Night vision goggles, high-powered binoculars, invisible ink and long range walkie talkie’s are the stand out items on his list.


What he might use them for is anyone’s guess.

Steve Bruce – Newcastle

Brucey’s five-page list is a bit of a roller-coaster.

From mugs to umbrella’s, every item requested on the thoroughly extensive list is a product sold at Sports Direct, with Bruce hoping a Santa spending spree at SD will free up some funds for Newcastle to spend on transfers.

Cunning Steve, cunning.

Sean Dyche – Burnley

Unsurprisingly, Sean has asked Santa for a guard around his house to ensure that no merriment can be heard within his four walls.


He’s also requested that it doesn’t snow this year as he can’t be arsed with being awoken by the sound of children sledding outside.

The six-pack of Fosters under the tree is without doubt the annual highlight.

Brendan Rodgers – Leicester

Christmas at the Rodgers’ household is always filled with character.


This year, Brendan has once again asked the big man up north to provide him with someone to fill the gaping hole left in his life by wee-Joe Allen.

Ralph Hassenhuttel – Southampton

What a season it has been for Ralph. Southampton have already exceeded expectations and are in with a genuine chance of landing a spot in Europe

The charismatic Austrian has always been one of Santa’s trickiest customers and this year is no different. A LEGO Deathstar and a six pack of identical baseball caps make for an interesting combination of requests.

Frank Lampard – Chelsea

Frank has had few doses of reality thrown his way since a stunning summer saw all his wishes come true.


Unsurprisingly, his first festive request is for the full Kai Havertz package after realising the trial version he’s currently using simply doesn’t cut the Christmas turkey. 

A Timo Werner expansion pack would also be a superb festive treat.

Mikel Arteta – Arsenal

The Spaniard’s wish-list is a tricky one this year.

Priority number one is goals from open play followed closely behind by ‘Tactics for Dummies’ written by Pep Guardiola.


‘A final solution for Özil’ makes for a rather cryptic and ominous third wish while new shooting boots for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang would be fantastic, as well.

Sadly, even with all of his whimsical wonder, you can’t help but feel that all of this might be a bridge too far for Santa.

Jose Mourinho – Tottenham

Jose doesn’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing he needs.



Jose just wants the ‘best team’ to win even if they score less goals than the other.

A new season of ‘All or Nothing’ in which he is once again the shining star on top of the tree wouldn’t go amiss, either. 

Jurgen Klopp – Liverpool

It’s been a tough ol’ season for Jurgen at Anfield as the winter blizzards howl and blow. 

With a raft of injuries to contend with and the nights growing foggier by the hour, the sight of Rudolph’s red nose blazing through the weather will be a welcome one.


A new knee for Virgil van Dijk would do nicely, while a sit down dinner with the executives at Sky and BT Sport would be the cherry on top of the Christmas pud.

Roy Hodgson – Crystal Palace 

Big Roy is normally asleep on the couch by 2pm and, as a result, shopping for his Christmas is normally a pretty simple task.

After landing a pair of Marks and Spencer’s slippers last year, Roy has his heart set on pair of their finest winter pyjamas.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – Manchester United

Solskjaer’s Christmas list really sends a message.

We’re not entirely sure he understands the concept of a Santa’s sack of gifts as his letter simply requests: ‘The sack for Ed’.


His final wish, for the first half of football games to be eradicated from the sport is a little strange, but makes perfect sense after the last few months.

Pep Guardiola – Manchester City

Pep is a simple man.

Every year, he asks the big man up north for the same thing: defenders. However, this year, dear Santa Claus might have an almighty task on his hands when Pep asks for a certain striker from Catalonia.


A waterproof, button-up cardigan for the chilly weather would also be lovely.

Chris Wilder – Sheffield United

The Sheffield manager is already guaranteed to wake up to find a lump of coal under his tree on Christmas morning, but it won’t be from Santa.

It all makes sense when he opens the hastily scribbled card containing some rather fruity German language.


Later, a book titled ‘A Guide to Going Down’ is delivered from the same mysterious Merseyside address as the lump of coal.

Sadly, his own request for ‘just a couple of goals’ was beyond even the powers of the jolly North pole icon.

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