Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher gets overexcited on Soccer AM and slides Jimmy Bullard

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has caused a stir on the Boxing Day edition of Soccer AM after a crunching tackle on co-host Jimmy Bullard. 

The “You Know The Drill” challenge has become a staple of Bullard and John Fendley’s incarnation of the long-running football show.

Traditionally YKTD would see Bullard visit training grounds but due to current restrictions on movement, the former Wigan and Fulham midfielder has instead been setting up drills for guests in the John Arne Riise Arena. 

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Striker from the Balkans

Boxing Day’s edition had Sky Sports pundits Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher taking on Bullard in a series of shooting drills – but it’s safe to say the Anfield icon got a little carried away when it was Bullard’s turn to beat his score.

After already attempting to trip up Bullard, when it was the co-host’s turn to go one-on-one with the goalkeeper, the former England defender decided to step in and launch a crunching slide tackle to try and stop Bullard from scoring. 

In fairness, Carragher appeared to get a bit of the ball, but he also got a lot of the man as Bullard went flying after a challenge that VAR would no doubt spend several minutes looking at. 

The player-turned-presenter managed to get up and carry on, but Carragher wasn’t done yet – sneaking up on Bullard and shoving him to the floor as he tried to score a diving header. 

It was all meant in good jest but Carragher’s competitiveness clearly got the better of him. He suddenly transformed into that kid at your family’s Christmas party who’s had a few too many glasses of coke, has got all excited and now wants to turn every activity into a play fight. 

Carragher’s dubious tactics saw him top the challenge with nine goals to Bullard’s five and Neville’s three. But as the retired midfielder was quick to remind viewers, when it comes to YKTD there’s only ever one true result – football’s always the winner!

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