Gary Anderson threatens to quit darts after victory against Mensur Suljovic at World Championship

Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson managed to defeat Mensur Suljovic 4-3 on Monday evening to book his place in the last-16 of the PDC World Darts Championship.

But the score-line doesn't tell half the story. Not even close to it.

Anderson was visibly upset with Suljovic's actions throughout the match.

The Austrian started at a very slow pace, which could be interpreted as a ploy to put Anderson off his game.

It's not against the rules at all but Anderson was visibly wound up by Suljovic's actions.

Gary Anderson

The Flying Scotsman looked as if he would exit the competition when he fell 3-2 behind, but he composed himself and reeled off six straight legs to book his place in the next round.

Despite the victory, Anderson was absolutely raging in his post-match interview.

The two-time world champion sensationally threatened to quit the sport as he claimed he couldn't go through a game like that again.

“What everyone watched was absolutely dire. Absolute joke," he started.

“I play darts, I’ve always wanted to play darts. Everyone says ‘why do you get cheesed off with darts?’ That’s one of the reasons, absolute bull.

“We were told what tables we were on. I ended up on the wrong table for the duration of the game. I’d have thought even Sky would’ve picked up on where I should’ve been for a start and it could’ve been done right away.

Gary Anderson

“Did you watch the third set? Was he slow? Nah, he wasn’t slow.

“If that’s darts, I’m off-ski. Simple as that. If that’s how darts is going and that’s how it’s being played then have fun, I’m off-ski, I’m going away for a game of golf. I ain’t through that again.

“We were told just before we went onto the stage what table we’re on. Mensur has gone to the wrong table... as usual nothing said.

“I just want to play darts. Did you enjoy the darts? I never. I’m sure there’s about 90 per cent of folk watching at home, they probably turned over and watched Corrie or something. I would’ve.

“If you get spanked the boy’s been better than you, shake his hand and on you go. But come on, that’s a load of tripe.”

Anderson concluded that he felt sorry for those that watched the game back at home.

What an astonishing interview.

Anderson will play either Jason Lowe or Devon Petersen for a spot in the quarter-finals.

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