PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo: What is the highest selling console brand ever?


Pretty much everyone on the planet loves PlayStation. It is now officially the best-selling console in history according to Guinness World Records.

Most of their success is due to just how much people loved the PS2, however, the original PlayStation and the PS2’s upgrade the PS3 and then the PS4 more than did their fair share of heavy lifting too.

This type of revelation really should not be a shock to people who are in the know. In November, there were reports that the PS4 actually booked a spot at number two on the list of the best selling console in history thanks to the 102.8 million units that were moved across the world.

These kinds of numbers put it above the OG PlayStation which moved 102.5 million units however it was still far behind the PS2 which moved a ridiculous 159 million units.

The smaller of all the PlayStation consoles is the PS3 and so far the units shifted are at around 87.5 million. Compared to the others it seems like a small amount, however that is still a decent total and it is even above the Xbox 360 which moved around 85 million units.

Unfortunately, the PS3 simply did not live up to the hype that the rest of its counterparts carried.

Still, when talking about the best selling consoles in history, PlayStation has all three of them and that is simply amazing, and it was eventually got the attention of Guinness and they made it official.

Sony CEO Jim Ryan and Ken Kutaragi who is a former CEO were gifted a certified plaque that ultimately confirmed just how dominant Sony and PlayStation had been.


"Back when we were developing the original PlayStation, we had the ambition to sell 1 million units," Kutaragi said as he was collecting the award.

"I look back on that now with nostalgia. We launched the PlayStation platform with the aim of changing the face of entertainment.

Receiving this award today, I feel the support of the players who have enjoyed our consoles over the years, and as the father of the PlayStation, I can see it has a bright future."

Sony had managed to move a ridiculous 450 million units thanks to all of its consoles, from their very first one to the latest PlayStation 4 Pro according to Guinness.


After just celebrating its 25th birthday, the original PlayStation was actually the very first console to go beyond the 100 million units moved mark, however the fastest past this mark was the PS4.

When it comes to the sales only side of it, gaming giant Nintendo was just behind PlayStation, having sold around 321.7 million units.

However, Xbox only sold 155 million and that stat puts them at number three when talking about consoles that are still active today.

However, if we then take into account all of the consoles that are handheld, then of course Nintendo takes the top spot by a mile. Moving over 750 million units across all its consoles compared to PlayStation which sits at 537.5 million units.

This was largely due to the popularity of the Gameboy and the DS as the PSP and Vita were not going to get it done.

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