Cyberpunk 2077 creators are now being sued by investors for false advertising


Earlier in the week, it was revealed by the Metro that CD Projekt Red face a lawsuit imposed by the investors for the false advertisement of the game Cyberpunk 2077.

A press release has detailed the contents of the lawsuit and the information that the creators failed to declare, highlighting the game is ‘virtually unplayable’ due to the considerable amount of glitches and bugs.

Prior to the launch of the highly-anticipated game, gameplay footage was limited and not retrospective of what had been promised if you invested in the game. 

Because of this, Sony removed the game from its digital storefront with almost immediate effect, causing CD Projekt to suffer both reputational and monetary harm.

Since the release of Cyberpunk 2077 on December 10, three patches have been released in an attempt to amend the assortment of problems, with at least two more patches already promised by the creator’s for the early months of 2021.

Despite this and the game’s reception, its excess refunds and issues surrounding the authenticity of the game, Cyberpunk 2077 has still managed to sell 13 million worldwide copies, with eight million being secured prior to the official release.


The game has been under scrutiny since its release, which is supported by its poor reviews on Metacritic, which is a website that ranks and reviews all the recent releases of games, TV, films and music.

Gathered from 8,889 users, Cyberpunk 2077 was ranked a disappointing 210th out of all new game releases, scoring 3.4 out of 10. 

These low scores were alongside plenty of negative comments including “Just terrible” and “Cyberpunk 2077 is simply a mess.”

The lawsuit ends by expressing the defendant’s statements about its business and prospects were noticeably inaccurate and often lacked a reasonable basis. Bloomberg reports that the creator of Cyberpunk 2077 has pledged to ‘vigorously’ defend itself against the current lawsuit.

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