WWE news: Ric Flair names the three greatest stars of all time - The Rock & John Cena miss out

Flair has named WWE's greatest ever talents

WWE are bringing back a host of legends and Hall of Famers to celebrate the beginning of 2021 on Monday Night RAW this week. 

The likes of Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, Beth Phoenix, Booker T and even 'The Immortal' Hulk Hogan will return to ring in the new year and kick off the Royal Rumble season.

It's not rare for Vince McMahon to bring back his biggest stars, but for all of them to be booked on the same show is certainly intriguing. 

After all, some of the greatest icons to ever step foot inside the squared circle will be making their return. 

But exactly who is the most famous talent to ever appear in WWE?

Well, that's a question that Flair was asked ahead of 'Legends Night' and named his top three - without including the likes of The Rock, John Cena or even himself.

"I think Hulk [Hogan] is one of two or three guys that are the most famous people to ever be around, part of, or participate in the history of WWE," The Nature Boy told WWE UK

Flair names his three greatest WWE stars of all time

"The others being, in my estimation, Steve Austin and The Undertaker.

"The three of them, I think, stand out more than anybody I can think of. Any time I had the opportunity to wrestle Hulk was an opportunity to be in the ring with the flagship of WWE." 

It's hard to argue with Flair, who then went on to explain why Hogan will always be 'the Golden Goose' of McMahon's company. 

Hogan has been named as WWE's greatest ever

"I could list four or five other guys too but [Hulk] was the ‘Golden Goose’ and he represented everything that the company wanted.

"He not only competed at the highest level, he was the Make-a-Wish king long before it was recognized as much publicly as it is now.

"He took time for the kids at every show. He worked hard and he just represented. I was thrilled to even have the opportunity to work against him." 

Hogan is WWE's greatest ever Superstar

While Hogan is confirmed as part of WWE's Legends Night, The Undertaker and Stone Cold are currently not scheduled to appear. That, of course, could all change...

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