WWE news: Hulk Hogan has huge praise for Roman Reigns - claims he's surpassing The Rock

Hogan think Reigns is surpassing The Rock in WWE

Roman Reigns reached another level in 2020.

After going on hiatus in March, he returned five months later and quickly captured the Universal Championship, instantly establishing himself as SmackDown's top star. 

But Reigns is not just the biggest name on the Blue Brand's roster - he's by far the best heel WWE have today - and perhaps the best they've had in years. 

After shedding his babyface persona, Roman has gone on to humiliate everyone that's crossed his path and playing the role of the entitled 'Head of the Table' suits him perfectly. 

Reigns' character believes that his bloodline alone is enough to make him the face of WWE... continuing the Samoan dynasty that was once carried by The Rock. 

While Dwayne Johnson is regarded by many as the greatest professional wrestler ever, Hulk Hogan has recently claimed that Reigns has surpassed even him.  

Reigns is now bigger than The Rock according to Hogan

"Romans Reigns' father Sika and his partner Afa, they pretty much put me on track when I was lost," Hogan revealed ahead of his return at RAW's Legends Night.

"I've got so much respect for the Samoan dynasty and to understand how it peaked with The Rock.

"I see Roman Reigns taking it to a whole other level now. He's solid, he's consistent, he's got the look and there are no holes in his work. He's really, really spot on." 

Reigns is doing his best work in WWE right now

That's incredibly high praise coming from anyone in the sports entertainment business - let alone Hogan - who was recently named as WWE's greatest ever talent himself.

But there won't be too many who disagree with The Hulkster. Reigns is doing some brilliant work in WWE right now and all signs point to him going toe-to-toe with The Rock in future.

Reigns and The Rock could meet at WrestleMania

That match, of course, will have to take place at WrestleMania and if it does actually happen, it would surely go down as the biggest main event in WWE history. 

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