Bruno Fernandes v Kevin De Bruyne: The winner across every FIFA 21 in-game attribute

Bruno Fernandes in action for Man United

Dean Ashton caused a stir earlier this week when he claimed Bruno Fernandes has surpassed Kevin De Bruyne as the Premier League's best player.

“I think Fernandes has already overtaken De Bruyne," he said on talkSPORT.

“You can see the difference when [Sergio] Aguero doesn’t play for Man City. You can see the difference in De Bruyne, in terms of he looks like a frustrated figure in a lot of the games.

“He’s still class, of course, as he’s got seven assists this season and the same as Bruno.

“It’s that goal tally I think that Fernandes brings you. That goal threat that’s the difference between him and Kevin De Bruyne and that’s why I’d pick him and why I think he’s gone ahead of him as, for me, the best player in the Premier League.”

Kevin De Bruyne in action for Man City

So, with the two constantly being compared, we've decided to have a little bit of fun by comparing their stats on FIFA 21.

Using FUTBin, we've looked at their rating for all 29 in-game attributes and the winner for each has been listed below.

In Game: Physical

Acceleration: Bruno Fernandes (78)

Agility: Bruno Fernandes (79)

Balance: Bruno Fernandes (79)

Jumping: Bruno Fernandes (72)

Reactions: Kevin De Bruyne (91)

Sprint speed: Bruno Fernandes and Kevin De Bruyne (76)

Stamina: Bruno Fernandes (94)

Strength: Kevin De Bruyne (74)

Bruno Fernandes in action for Man United

In Game: Skill

Ball control: Kevin De Bruyne (92)

Crossing: Kevin De Bruyne (94)

Curve: Bruno Fernandes (86)

Dribbling: Kevin De Bruyne (88)

Finishing: Kevin De Bruyne (82)

Free kick accuracy: Bruno Fernandes (87)

Heading accuracy: Bruno Fernandes (58)

Long passing: Kevin De Bruyne (93)

Kevin De Bruyne in action for Man City

Long shots: Kevin De Bruyne (91)

Defensive awareness: Bruno Fernandes (72)

Penalties: Bruno Fernandes (91)

Short passing: Kevin De Bruyne (94)

Shot power: Kevin De Bruyne (91)

Sliding tackle: Bruno Fernandes (55)

Standing tackle: Bruno Fernandes (67)

Volleys: Bruno Fernandes (86)

Bruno Fernandes in action for Man United

In Game: Mental

Aggression: Kevin De Bruyne (76)

Interceptions: Bruno Fernandes (74)

Positioning: Kevin De Bruyne (88)

Vision: Kevin De Bruyne (94)

Composure: Kevin De Bruyne (91)

Final score: Bruno Fernandes 14.5-14.5 Kevin De Bruyne

Incredibly, it's a tie! FIFA have found it very hard to split the two and that's easy to understand.

Both De Bruyne and Fernandes are playing at a very, very high level at the moment. They may well be the two best midfielders on the planet.

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