WWE news: John Cena once paid £88,000 fine for six Superstars and referee


WWE icon John Cena once saved his fellow wrestlers thousands of pounds when he covered a fine incurred during a SmackDown event. 

The story was shared by Aiden English, who now goes by his birth name of Matthew Rehwoldt, as he recounts when a "superkick party" almost got several people fired.

During a six-man tag team dark match, after an episode of SmackDown before WrestleMania 34, English was partnered with Rusev and Baron Corbin against The Usos and AJ Styles. 

"I went out there and had a blast and then in the conclusion The Usos, who have been known to throw several superkicks, decided we were gonna do something fun where they started throwing a superkick party.

"They started throwing kick after kick after kick, and we just all keep feeding in, and it’s just all non-stop for five minutes.

"But as we go they 'kick, kick' everybody pretty much in the match except the referee, and so the audience starts chanting 'referee, referee.'

"Then BOOM, the ref kicks me. Everybody exploded, and the crowd loved it.

"I go back in one more time I tell everybody to stop, but then everyone’s chanting ref, and then AJ starts taking the referee's shirt off, puts it on himself and it’s like 'kick his ass.'"

When the wrestlers departed the ring for backstage, they were all torn into by the Talent Relations producers for their behaviour in front of the fans. 

"We get backstage, and we get chewed and a new one," said Rehwoldt, who added his belief that they received the treatment they did because they weren't high-profile names. 

"We had to fly right down to New Orleans for WrestleMania, and we get sat down, and we get threatened with release, with gigantic fines, $10,000, $20,000 fines, all this stuff.


"The referee is gonna get fired and everything even though you’re all telling him 'hey do it this is great, this is fun.'"

Rehwoldt added via his Twitter that the culprits were all saved a significant amount of money from the generous face of 16-time world champion John Cena, who covered the total fine cost of £88,000. 

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