WWE news: Vince McMahon called out by AEW star Matt Hardy for creating 'The Hardy Bros'

Hardy isn't happy with WWE CEO McMahon

Vince McMahon has been 'called out' by AEW star Matt Hardy for trying to recreate The Hardy Boyz in WWE. 

In recent weeks, we've seen his brother Jeff tagging with Matt Riddle on RAW and their tag team is comically named The Hardy Bros.

That's a play on both The Hardy Boyz and Riddle's 'bro' gimmick. 

It's a partnership that has gone down well with many fans, who have enjoyed seeing the pair work together against The Hurt Business. 

But Matt Hardy has taken particular offence to the new team, suggesting McMahon is 'trying to recreate the magic' that The Hardy Boyz once brought to WWE. 

"There is no doubt, if someone ever asked you who the greatest tag team of all time is, it is The Hardy Boyz," the AEW star said during a recent YouTube video.

"As a matter of fact, Vince McMahon is so obsessed with the greatness and popularity of The Hardy Boyz, he's created the Hardy Bros. 

The Hardy Boyz are WWE's most loved tag team

"And he's put together another guy named Matt with my brother, to try and recreate the magic that we once had."

Matt then went on to suggest that 'The Hardy Bros' are destined to fail in WWE. 

He [McMahon] is trying to confuse the marketplace because he's so vicious, he still wishes he had the Hardy Boyz.

"The Hardy Bros? That's not gonna work. You would have had a better chance with fake Razor and fake Diesel." 

Ouch. Tell us how you really feel Matt. 

Of course, this doesn't really sound like a sincere call-out. Hardy is simply playing up his AEW gimmick - but it's fair to say his words have caused quite a stir online. 

"AEW need to be relevant by bashing WWE, while WWE just doesn't care about AEW," on commented. 

Riddle and Hardy are tagging together on RAW

"Dear Lord, Matt is a delusional idiot," another added, while a third said: "Oh damn, shots fired." 

We'd love to see Vince McMahon respond to this!

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