WWE news: Ric Flair botched RAW spot with Charlotte - what should've happened is so different

Flair botched a spot on this week's Legends RAW

Ric Flair was one of the WWE legends welcomed back to Monday Night RAW this week. 

To kick of 2021, 19 pro-wrestling icons made special appearances on the show. Some were involved in backstage segments, while others like 'The Nature Boy' even had much bigger roles. 

Flair was ringside as his daughter Charlotte teamed up with Asuka to take on Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce. 

During the tag team match, Evans was seen getting close to Ric in an attempt to get inside Charlotte's head. 

It seemed to work too because, in the closing moments of the bout, Flair accidentally tripped his daughter Charlotte, costing her the match. 

After her loss, The Queen berated her apologetic father, saying "stay out of my business... do you understand? Back up now and get out."

Naturally, WWE fans thought this could be a build towards an angle we've seen before, where Charlotte turns on Ric. 

WWE fans have seen this angle between the Flair's before

But according to Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live, the spot was actually botched and none of that was supposed to happen. 

It turns out Ric was supposed to trip Royce, not Charlotte, but someone wasn't in position. Alvarez said: 

"I have just been alerted by the way for those of you that watched RAW, that in fact the story was supposed to be that Ric was trying to trip Peyton and it was supposed to be an accident." 

Flair was not supposed to trip his daughter on WWE RAW

Further to that, WWE appears to be trying to play down any animosity between the Flair's on social media, with Ric tweeting:

"Sorry I messed up. It won’t be the first time and probably won’t be the last. A father and daughter’s bond is unbreakable. Thank you for letting me come visit!"

Charlotte then responded: "I can never stay mad at you. love you as big as the sky dad." 

WWE are playing down issues in the Flair family

Yep, it seems like Monday night was all one big misunderstanding. 

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