PlayStation 5: Black version of the PS5 coming out on sale in America


Ever since Sony revealed the new divisive two-tone design on the PS5, gamers all over the planet have been urging them for a black PlayStation 5, and after months and months of trying, it seems their calls have finally been heard.

Going on sale on January 8, the new PS5 black retro console and a DuelSense controller will be available for gamers, and shipping is expected to begin late in the spring of 2021.

The new design is remarkably similar to the now-old PS2 and that still remains to this day the best-selling console on the planet, selling 115 million units all over the world.

The design of the new PS5 is being done by a team called SUP3R5. They have no affiliation with Sony, which is a little odd, but they have the job of making the new design.

At the time of writing, only 304 units have been given the green light to be put into production, so if you would like one, you better look to the heavens for some hope as they will sell out in next to no time.

The number 304 for the number of units might be strange for some, however, the reasoning is that was the date that the original PS2 was released – 03/04/00.

The new controller that comes with it has been given the go-ahead for 500 units to be made ready for sale.


The SUP3R5 team has said that on January 8, orders will be taken from 3pm EST/12pm PT/8pm BST, so if you want to order on the day, you better be quick.

Having a look at the product listing notes on the website, the DualSense controller has to essentially be ripped apart during the transition process and that means that the current Sony warranty that is provided is now void. However, the console will still be covered under warranty as it is only the sides that will be changed.

As you can expect, these new items will not be cheap. The new DualSense controller is for sale at $99, compared to its usual price of just $55, while the console is going for $649, compared to its normal price of $499.

When you look at the new design compared to the gold PS5, which will cost you over $10,000, the new prices do not seem so bad.

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