WWE news: Donald Trump should be 'thrown out of Hall of Fame' after US Capitol riots, says icon

Foley responded to the Trump protests on Twitter

WWE legend Mick Foley has called on Vince McMahon to throw Donald Trump out of the Hall of Fame. 

His plea came after pro-Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol on Wednesday after the outgoing President suggested they should march towards the building. 

Some members of the mob breached the Capitol, putting on hold the process of President-Elect Joe Biden's election certification and those working inside Congress were evacuated. 

During violent clashes with police, one protestor was shot dead. 

The scenes in Washington DC shocked the world, with many politicians and famous celebrities condemning the behaviour on what has been seen as a dark day for America. 

While watching the scene unfold, wrestling icon Foley suggested that Trump needs to be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame. 

He tweeted: "Hey Vince - how about throwing this sorry son of a b**** out of our Hall of Fame?" 

Foley wants Trump kicked out of the WWE Hall of Fame

As of writing, Foley's post has over 87,000 likes and over 18,000 retweets. 

Shortly before that, he responded to a video of an injured police officer being removed from the scene with the caption: "This is on you, Mr President. Every single injury today is on you."

Foley wasn't the only big wrestling name to respond to events in Washington. 

WWE producer Lance Storm called on Twitter to 'shut Trump down' in response to a tweet he posted while the protests were ongoing. 

"Hey Twitter at what point do you shut him down and stop letting him incite a coup? You are close to being an accessory to domestic terrorism at this point," he wrote. 

Storm also tweeted about the Trump protests

While Foley - and no doubt many others - will want to see Trump kicked out of the WWE Hall of Fame, that decision is down to one person.  

What McMahon will decide to do at this point is not clear, we'll just have to wait and see if anything happens. 

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