Boxing: Floyd Mayweather mocked by 50 Cent for supposed beard transplant


Floyd Mayweather is one of the biggest names in boxing.

The 50-0 superstar has spent the last two decades in the headlines thanks to his remarkable in-ring performances and heady lifestyle out of it.

It is no secret that Floyd is a wealthy man but he still does absolutely everything he can to make sure we never forget it.

His upcoming exhibition bout with YouTube star Logan Paul has raised a lot of eyebrows, with many feeling the pair are simply after a massive pay day.

With the pay-per-view price set at a whopping $59.99, fans are going to have to cough up a hefty sum to see the pair go toe-to-toe.

For many purists, the fight is seen as a farce with the massive PPV price only further underlining the financial motives behind it.


Floyd however, won't care one bit and is sure to flaunt the latest injection of funds into his already burgeoning bank account.

It's pretty commonplace for Floyd to splash the cash on cars, watches, gambling and clothes, but long time rival 50 Cent seems to have spotted an acquisition that Mayweather may not be singing from the rooftops about.

In a deleted Instagram post, 50 Cent mocks Mayweather for what appears to be a beard transplant.

In a post dripping with laughing face emoji's, 50 pulled no punches.


YouTuber, Hairliciously, who has had a transplant of his own backed up the claims saying:

"Looking at the photo it definitely looks like a beard transplant. You can clearly see the grafts that were implanted all through his beard."

Hairliciously added:

"Having seen countless numbers of hair and beard transplants, I am 100% sure that [Floyd Mayweather got] a beard and hair transplant."


50 and Floyd, who used to be good friends, have been engaged in a very public war of words over the last few years.

The rapper has often claimed that Mayweather's affluent lifestyle is nothing more than a facade and that the boxing star is, in fact, going broke.

Mayweather has tried to distance himself from 50's claims, instead choosing to focus on securing easy pay days in straight forward exhibition bouts.

It will come as no surprise if 50 starts making more noise the closer we get to fight night.

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