Grand Theft Auto 6 isn't coming anytime soon, reveals insider


Fans of Grand Theft Auto 6 have had their hopes go up in smoke after it was revealed by a former Rockstar insider that the game is “not coming anytime soon”.

The sixth instalment of the open-world action game will be a continuation of one of the best franchises to date.

Grand Theft Auto 5, which was launched way back in 2013, was a monster hit and still today it has the record for the second best-selling game of all time.

Fans are still waiting for the next chapter in the series, some eight years after GTA5, with news of the latest game still unheard of.

Until that time, however, fans of GTA have to be content with playing Cavo Perico. It is a major expansion to the online version of GTA, which is a multiplayer version of GTA5. Since the game was launched, Cavo Perico is the biggest heist that the game has seen, and it is the first one that a player can do all by themselves if they want to.

Indeed it is a huge development for GTA, however, there have been drawbacks to the new heist with players suggesting that you cannot move freely about the island of Cavo Perico unless you are on a mission.

Despite this setback, the expansion is still a huge hit and because of its success, fans have to now wonder what GTA6 has got up its sleeve whenever it is to be released.


Something has been holding up GTA6 but we do not know what. Rockstar insider Yan2295 took to his social media channel Twitter to give his insights into the project.

While the game is in fact being developed, Yan2295 stated that the game is “not coming soon” and that he does not know when the game is going to be released.

He also took note of the volume of people asking him about the new game and if they can now stop asking him by pinning the tweet to his Twitter feed, so he must have gotten a lot of messages about the game.

It is not good news for GTA fans, who have been put through countless re-releases of GTA5, and if what Yan2295 told us is true, then we can only speculate how long we will have to wait for GTA6.

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