Boxing: Mike Tyson made Joe Rogan so nervous that he made his podcast table wider


Mike Tyson’s exhibition bout with Roy Jones Jr. in November last year went down a real treat.

While the bout ended in an inevitable draw, it was fantastic to see two titans of the boxing world back in the ring again.

We all knew that it wasn’t going be a ‘real fight’ weeks before the first bell rung out but that didn’t stop Tyson from treating it like a shot at a world title.

‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ embarked on a brutal training regime, packing on the muscle and dropping a staggering 100 pounds.

He also completely changed his diet, dining out on what he described as ‘wild things’ as he sculpted his body into a boxing machine.

By the time the fight rolled around, Tyson weighed the same as he did when he was 18 and looked just as lethal.


Fans even began to fear for the safety of Jones Jr. after terrifying clips emerged from the Tyson training camp showing his devastating power and speed.

Now, world-famous podcaster, Joe Rogan, has shed even more light on the remarkable mind space Tyson was in as the fight approached.

Speaking on his show, The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan explained that he made his desk wider to interview Tyson as he was nervous about how ‘ramped up’ the former world-champion was.

“[Mike Tyson] is the reason why this table is this wide. This table, I was going to make it more narrow, I even had a smaller table that we were working with as a guide,” Rogan said in a recent episode alongside Mark Normand.

“We were still doing the shows back in LA, while we were setting up this studio, I did an interview with Tyson, and he was so amped up for this Roy Jones fight, that I got nervous being in the room.

I’m like, ‘I like that extra six inches of space between us, because he was so ramped up.

“When he left, Jamie goes ‘that’s a totally different person,’ because he went from being, ‘Mike Tyson, pot grower, not working out at all’, to getting ready to go to combat again.”

Tyson has teased that similar fights are in the pipeline for 2021, claiming that his next fight is going to be ‘even better’.

Rogan may need to think about widening his desk even more if Tyson starts preparing for further fights.

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