WWE news: Bayley has named her Mount Rushmore of female wrestlers, excludes Trish Stratus


Bayley’s latest appearance on Stone Cold Steven Austin’s “Broken Skull Sessions” has been released by the WWE, and some short snippets of the podcast have been posted on their official YouTube page.

WWE legend Austin spoke to Bayley and asked her what four women she would have on the Mount Rushmore of female wrestling, and Bayley, who is a Grand Slam champ herself, gave quite the eyebrow-raising answer.

“First of all, we’ll put me in there,” the always modest Bayley said.

“Next to me and a little bit behind me, we’ll do Sasha Banks for the obvious reasons. I’ll be ahead of her, so she can be in the back corner.

"I’ll go with Lita because she’s the one that made me realise I could do it.

"There are so many you could put in there. I wanna say Chyna because she was so different and brought so much more to the table.”

You can see the clip from Austin’s show below.

In a different clip, Bayley, who is a former champ on SmackDown, discussed some of her hidden talents as well as playing some word association with Austin.

The wrestlers that Bayley mentioned are certainly interesting choices for the Mount Rushmore of female wrestlers.

Sasha Banks in 2016 became the first woman ever to contest a Hell in a Cell match and she also has to most RAW championship reigns by a female wrestler, currently sitting at five.

When it comes to Lita, back in August of 2020, Digital Spy held a tournament to see who was the best female wrestler in history. Of the full list of 32 wrestlers, Lita was announced the winner which is incredible and certainly gives validity to Bayley’s selection.


Then there is Chyna, who is no stranger to titles. During her time wrestling, she won the WWF Intercontinental Championship twice, captured the WWF Women’s Championship once and was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019 as a member of D-Generation X.

Bayley is certainly no stranger to success herself and her list of championships is impressive. To her name, Bayley has won the SmackDown title twice, the Women’s Tag Team Championship twice, she was the first WWE Women’s Triple Crown Champ, and she was also the first WWE Women’s Grand Slam Champ. She has also won the WWE Raw Women’s Championship too.

Her stats certainly back up her argument of having herself on the Mount Rushmore of female wrestlers.

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