Boxing: Anthony Joshua will be ‘invincible’ Tyson Fury’s ‘easiest fight’


The biggest fight in a generation could be just around the corner.

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury have circled each other for months now but, if Eddie Hearn is to be believed, then they are on the verge of finally agreeing a deal to fight.

Reports suggest that the bout will have to be hosted abroad which will come as a blow to British fans, but a fight on foreign soil is better than no fight at all.

Th titanic bout could see every single heavyweight belt on the line, with the winner crowned unified champion of the world.

It’s a tantalising prize for the pair, but they will have to produce their absolute best if they wish to ascend that throne.

According to Fury’s brother however, a fight with Joshua would be the easiest of the Gypsy King’s career.


“It’s definitely going to be a good fight but I’ve always said, from day one, it will be his easiest fight and I have no doubt about that,” said Tommy Fury, speaking to the Daily Mail.

“Joshua is tailor-made for Tyson, what a great build-up it’s going to be and what a great fight.”

“I know it’s heavyweight boxing and you can never say never, but there is nothing in that fight against Joshua that worries me for Tyson, especially like the Tyson I’ve seen now.


“He can walk through walls, he’s invincible and it’s going to take some man to beat him and I haven’t seen him being born yet. To beat Tyson, you’re going to have to kill him.

The only way you’re beating him is if you knock him out cold and he’s already been hit by the biggest puncher that’s ever lived.

“So how’s Joshua going to do it? He isn’t, so I think it’s going to be a very easy night for him.”

It certainly promises to be quite a fight when it does finally go down. You can be certain that the world will stand still to watch two of the greats go at it.

We can’t wait.

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