Eddie Hall vs Thor: The Beast bench-pressing four women shows just how strong he is


British Strongman legend Eddie Hall is preparing for a boxing showdown with his nemesis and fellow World’s Strongest Man winner and Game of Thrones star Hafthor Bjornsson.

The two giants will clash in a to-be-confirmed venue in Las Vegas, in September 2021.

The retired strongmen have had bad blood with each other for many years now, with a key flashpoint occurring in the 2017 World’s Strongest Man finals.

‘The Mountain’ accused ‘The Beast’ of cheating during the Viking press competition. Cue Eddie Hall firing back with video evidence showing quite the opposite to be the case.

Whilst civil in their early relationship, it soured as they both rose to the top of the game, with Hall accusing Bjornsson of becoming too big for his boots, as his Game of Thrones success swept over him.

Both stars are two of the biggest personalities in the business and a mixture of ego, hatred for each other, competitive drive and huge financial rewards made this unlikely fight a reality. They have a chance to earn far more than they could as a direct result of their strongman work.

Competing in strongman is incredibly expensive with the investments competitors make to build their bodies, and they earn comparatively little as a result. However, the biggest names can earn a lot from endorsements, sponsorship deals and other activities that they can put their name to.

In boxing, stars can earn huge sums directly from their bouts, especially considering how short the bouts can be.

Hall and Bjornsson have been training hard for this fight, with regular social media updates showing the changes they are making to their physiques to meet the demands of this alien sport. Both have been focusing more on boxing technique and cardio, than they have their typical powerlifting endeavours.

Hall will have an advantage when it comes to endurance, with him being a former champion swimmer as a teenager. However, he still occasionally pops up with shows of strength that just seem inhuman!

In a clip shared on social media, he incline bench-presses four women (two on either side) of what may be the longest barbell I’ve ever seen. He also, quite unbelievably, manages this for reps!


While both stars’ physiques, dedication and power look to be highly impressive, it is Hall that looks more likely to claim the victory.

Bjornsson’s best chance comes in the earlier rounds, as Hall will surely have greater shot output and stamina.

It is almost certain, though, that if it goes the distance, both men will slow greatly, with their sheer mass also having its drawbacks!

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