WWE news: Stone Cold Steve Austin reveals the one 'Stunner' he regrets from his career

Stone Cold regrets one iconic stunner from his WWE career

Stone Cold Steve Austin stunned pretty much everybody during his run with WWE.

From Vince McMahon to Donald Trump, there were very few who avoided The Rattlesnake's signature move.

And let's be honest, there was nothing better than seeing someone bounce off Stone Cold's shoulder and on to the canvas.

But it seems there is one stunner that Austin regrets from his career. Speaking to FOX Sports, the WWE legend revealed the moment he wishes he could take back.

"Linda McMahon was like a mother to me on the road. And she was just awesome to me," Stone Cold told Ryan Satin.

"I loved her. And we kinda botched it a little bit, right? And I wanted to be gentle with her. So, probably that one. 

"She was - and she still is - such a wonderful woman and she was like a mother to me on the road, so I love her, and we kinda botched it. So, Linda McMahon." 

Stone Cold once stunned Linda McMahon on WWE RAW

The stunner in question happened way back in 2005.

During a confrontation with the McMahon family on RAW, Austin hit his finisher on Vince, Shane and Stephanie before finally taking out Linda. 

While he might regret that one, he has handed out plenty of other iconic stunners down the years. 

Some of his best undoubtedly came against The Rock - who has since become renowned for 'overselling' the stunner - in a good way of course. 

A few months ago, the WWE legend revealed exactly why he did it. 

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"Good Lord this was an awesome time in pro wrestling. Electrifying crowds!" he wrote, responding to a video of him selling stunners.

"The crazy Stunner bumps I would take started by me trying to make Steve Austin laugh. If it weren’t for the crowds going bats**t you could hear Steve say 'Jesuuuus Chriiist' #OhHellYeah." 

It's fair to say that none of those stunners were botched! 

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