Luis Suarez asked for Gonzalo Jara to be carded for tripping a pitch invader in 2019

Luis Suarez Uruguay

Atletico Madrid striker Luis Suarez will leave behind a complicated legacy following his retirement from professional football.

Suarez is one of the first players in the history of the game who will be remembered as part-footballer, part-vampire. 

The striker's seemingly insatiable appetite for human flesh has seen him plunge his own teeth into a number of victims during his career. 

Italy's Giorgio Chiellini, who was rudely introduced to Suarez's fangs during the 2014 World Cup, remains the most high-profile victim of the Uruguayan's propensity for biting. 

The veteran striker has provided an insight into the bizarre inner workings of his mind on countless occasions throughout his career, and that isn't restricted to clasping his teeth on another man's skin. 

There is a burning desire to win that runs through his veins and he has found that hard to contain at times during his career.

It's what makes him such a phenomenal footballer and clinical goal scorer, but it also pushes him into the realms of footballing sh**housery more than the average player. 

We've seen plenty of examples of the 33-year-old utilising some of football's dark arts, particularly in regard to diving, and now one of his most iconic moments has resurfaced on social media. 

Indeed, he really outdid himself during Uruguay's 1-0 win over Chile at the 2019 iteration of Copa America. 

Uruguay Luis Suarez

A supporter invaded the pitch in the 32nd minute and made his way towards the players with security in tow. 

The invader proved to be too quick for the chasing high-vis vest brigade, and it took a decisive intervention from Chile's Gonzalo Jara to stop the supporter in his tracks. 

Mission accomplished, so you'd assume. 

Not from Suarez's point of view. 

In a bid to gain an advantage over the centre-back for the remainder of proceedings, the perennially controversial forward immediately began sprinting towards the referee with his arm aloft, gesturing to urge the official to show Jara a card.

The hilarious clip of Suarez at his most outrageous can be seen below: 

The referee chose to keep his cards in his pockets and Suarez also escaped any punishment despite so blatantly breaking the rules. 

Whatever you think about Suarez, it's hard not to laugh at his shameless audacity here. 

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