Nottingham Forest's Lyle Taylor hits out at Black Lives Matter and taking a knee

Lyle Taylor in action for Nottingham Forest

Since the summer, footballers across England have been taking the knee to show their support for the movement for racial equality.

But one man who has stopped doing that in recent times is Nottingham Forest's Lyle Taylor.

The 30-year-old scored the winner for his side in their FA Cup game against Cardiff on Saturday evening.

And, after the game, he took aim at the Black Lives Matter organisation.

"My support for what is that we're trying to achieve is absolute, but I do not support Black Live Matter as an institution or organisation," he told BBC Radio Nottingham.

Lyle Taylor

"I would request anyone looks into Black Lives Matter to look into what that organisation does and what they stand for because it's scandalous that the world and the world's media has got behind Black Lives Matter.

"Not the message; of course black lives matter. [But] standing behind Black Lives Matter and all the institutions that have done that - the BBC, Sky, all of them saying Black Lives Matter - it's not a good idea because of what the organisation stands for.

"The message overall is 100% important, don't get me wrong on that... In terms of black lives actually mattering and black people being killed by police more frequently, that's not a good thing.

"Black lives do matter, but you'll never hear me say Black Lives Matter again in reference to that company."

Taylor went on to say that he has stopped taking a knee because nothing has changed.

He added, per "The message has been diluted beyond belief. If we stopped this three months ago it was diluted.

"It's gone past the point. What's really happening?

"Every week I see a player has been racially abused. What are Twitter and Instagram actually doing to stop these people being able to make fake accounts and abuse black people?

"What about how long it takes to tackle it too (when you have a complaint).

"There's channels we have to go down to it the right way though, otherwise we end up with martial law and civil unrest. It is what it is."

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