Gaming: PlayStation 2 was so popular that manufacturing only stopped a month before PS4 announcement


The iconic PlayStation 2 is certainly one of Sony’s greatest accomplishments in the video gaming industry, with more than 3,800 games developed.

Indeed, who can forget playing the likes of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Kingdom Hearts and the terrifying Resident Evil 4 on this terrific piece of kit.

It does seem remarkable to think that Sony released it over 20 years ago and the Japanese technology company had clearly invented something that was ahead of its time.

What is interesting to note also is that, in fact, the PlayStation 2 has currently one of the longest lifespans of any console to date.

Incredibly Sony only stopped making them in early 2013, just a month before the PlayStation 4 was to be announced.

So what did make this video console so special? Well, for a start its processing power was second to none when it was launched when it came on the market in the year 2000.

Courtesy of Emotion Engine the PlayStation 2 had 32 MB of RAM, which led to the graphics of the games looking phenomenal for the early noughties period.

The design of the console ironically also bared semblances to the Atari Falcon Microbox 030/040, which turned out to be the last computer developed by Atari. It copied Atari’s ability to be usable either vertical or horizontal.

Another of the key selling points for the console was the addition of the DVD player, which at the time was the latest way of viewing everyone’s favourite films and TV series.

It was also cheaper to buy a PlayStation 2 with the DVD player, which cost roughly £200, rather than a DVD player by itself that ended up being double the price.

To demonstrate how much of a success the PlayStation 2 turned out to be, over a 13-year period roughly 155 million consoles were sold around the world.


By comparison, the subsequent next-generation consoles: the PlayStation 4 sold 113.5 million units and the PlayStation 3 about 87 million. While, the original PlayStation shifted around about 103 million units.

In addition, the console was home to a number of popular gaming series such as: Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy and Crash Bandicoot, while it also uncovered a number of other gems including Timesplitters 2.

In short, it is no surprise that the PlayStation 2 currently holds the record of being the best-selling and longest lifespan console to date. Whether or not the newly released PlayStation 5 will be able to surpass it though remains to be seen.

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