WWE news: Stone Cold Steve Austin explains why he doesn't like the Royal Rumble

Stone Cold Steve Austin doesn't like the Royal Rumble

This year's Royal Rumble is just three weeks away. 

On January 31, WWE Superstars will be battling for the chance to challenge a champion of their choice at WrestleMania 37.

But to go on and do that, they'll need to be the last standing in a 30 man - or 30 woman - battle royal match. 

These days, the Royal Rumble is an iconic match and it's arguably the most exciting for fans. 

So much can happen... over the years we've seen surprise returns, shock winners and generally all-out chaos. 

But one WWE legend isn't too keen on the match. Speaking recently, Stone Cold Steve Austin revealed exactly why he didn't like working the rumble. 

"I’ll share this with you. I won three Royal Rumbles, but I didn’t really like Royal Rumbles, because there’s so much going on," he told Ryan Satin of FOX Sports

Steve Austin isn't a big Royal Rumble fan

"So many things that can’t go wrong because everything’s gotta work out. You know what I’m speaking of, without just spelling it out."

Austin went on to reveal that he actually massively botched his first rumble appearance and was eliminated from the match much earlier than he should have been. 

"I’ll never forget in San Diego at my first Royal Rumble," he continued.

Stone Cold doesn't like the Royal Rumble

"I was supposed to be the fourth guy left in the ring and Rikishi, or somebody, gave me a clothesline and the ropes were so baby oiled up from everybody wearing baby oil, I slipped.

"There was a bunch of guys in the ring and I went out way early. I hit the ground, and I’m still pretty new in the company at this time.

"But they’re gonna try to keep me in the Rumble, so they’re giving me a little bit of a push and I blew it!" 

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The 2020 Royal Rumble took place in Texas

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Given his unhappy experience in his first rumble, it's no surprise Stone Cold didn't enjoy wrestling in those matches. At least he went on to win three of them in WWE, though!

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