UFC news: What Conor McGregor told Dustin Poirier seconds before his ferocious knockout at UFC 178


Conor McGregor’s highly anticipated rematch with Dustin Poirier is now less than two weeks away.

With the excitement continuing to build, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take a look back at their first fight.

Poirier will still have bitter memories of the left hand that knocked him out during his and McGregor’s first fight just over six years ago, but he knows there’s quite the test ahead of him.

McGregor’s incredible physical transformation since his supposed retirement in June shows that we can expect a new animal in Conor McGregor on January 23.

Despite the exciting publicity to the upcoming bout, many can agree that the buildup to the UFC 178 was a lot more entertaining, especially with regards to McGregor’s constant mind games prior to the fight.

The Irishman toyed with Poirier as much as he could, constantly promising a first round knockout.

Talk about quite the foreshadowing.

McGregor read Poirier like a book, and was able to easily break the American’s defence with a series of left hands.


Seconds before McGregor’s eventual knockout, Poirier attempted to hit back at the Irishman. Following that, McGregor told the American:

“What you got p****? Is that all you got p****?”

With one minute and 46 seconds gone by in the first round, McGregor then delivered the killer blow, which dropped Poirier onto the canvas.

Since McGregor’s win, the journeys of both fighters has been quite different. Poirier very much worked in silence with the hope that he would have a shot at redemption, while McGregor, who since UFC 178 recorded six wins and two defeats, will firmly have eyes on victory as he fights for the first time in just over a year.

With the trash talking at a minimum compared to just over six years ago, we eagerly await to see whether Poirier will spoil McGregor’s comeback, or whether the Irishman will once again dominate the American and look to force a matchup against a bigger opponent.

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