WWE news: Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle real-life issues - new update given on situation

Update on reported WWE beef between Rollins and Riddle

It’s long been rumoured that there’s real-life beef between WWE stars Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle.

Back in October of last year, ‘The Messiah’ made his feelings very public, claiming before the annual draft that he has no intention of ever facing ‘The Original Bro’.

“I’ve got no interest in facing Matt Riddle at any point in my career so he can go to RAW as far as I’m concerned,” Rollins said. 

We got another hint that the animosity was real at Survivor Series one month later when the two men were involved in the SmackDown vs RAW elimination match.

During that, Rollins straight up refused to wrestle Riddle – or anyone else for that matter – by simply laying down and taking a pin to be eliminated first. 

That, of course, could have been used to write him off TV though, rather than ensure he avoided sharing the ring with someone he didn’t want to. 

Rollins sacrificed himself at Survivor Series

While we’ve never heard anything from Riddle’s side about the issue, the bad blood apparently started when his wife Lisa directed an insulting Instagram post at Becky Lynch. 

She and Rollins, of course, are married and have just welcomed their first child and because of that, the pair have been absent from WWE for a while now. 

It seems during his time away, Seth has been putting that beef with Riddle to bed. 

Rollins has squashed his beef with Riddle

According to a report from Fightful, Rollins and Riddle have now ‘squashed the issue between them’. 

That’s great news for wrestling fans, who will no doubt want to see the pair go face-to-face in the ring one day.

In fact, it’s something that before their beef, Rollins himself teased. 

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“He’s someone who’s super talented, has an interesting skill set, a different style,” he said.

I’m always intrigued by different styles, I feel like I can have a good match with anybody and I’d like to see how Riddle and I mesh together.

Now the beef is squashed, that match could happen in WWE one day. 

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