UFC news: Conor McGregor is 'almost unrecognisable' from his first Nate Diaz fight


Conor McGregor is back, and according to his coach, looking ‘almost unrecognisable’ from his first ever bout with Nate Diaz back in 2016. 

McGregor hit the headlines five years ago when he impressively moved up two whole weight divisions to fight Stockton’s Nate Diaz, going from 145lbs all the way up to 170.

The Irishman was defeated on the night due to an inspired, but gritty performance from his counterpart Diaz. Conor swore revenge, and returned six months later to defeat his opponent, ensuring he was well on his way to be a double weight champion for the first time in UFC history.

Five years, three ‘retirements’ and one first-round demolition job over Donald Cerrone later, McGregor is back and this time fighting at lightweight, arguably his most natural weight.

He faces a previous opponent in Dustin Poirier, someone he managed to KO in under five minutes last time they fought, back in 2014.

Six long years have passed, and it is no secret that Poirier has visibly improved since their last fight, only losing twice along the way and picking up a number of impressive victories over the roster’s greatest fighters. 

Despite an impressive TKO last time out, McGregor will be taking no chances against ‘The Diamond’ and has seemed to prepare very well.


Photos of Conor dropped online a week before fight night and his coach John Kavanagh has been quick to sing his praises, claiming that the Irishman is now ‘entering his physical and mental prime.’ 

Kavanagh told TheMacLife: “I just think you have to look at his physical appearance for a start.

“My dad keeps ringing me scared that Conor’s after putting on too much weight because he looks like a tank at this stage.

“But weight is on track. Everything’s on track both physically and mentally.

“We actually came across a video of him from after the first Diaz fight, however long ago that was.


He’s almost unrecognisable looking at the difference between the fights.

“He’s really developed as a professional athlete and at 32, he’s entering his physical and mental prime. So we’re in for some good times.”

It is no doubt that McGregor is in a very impressive shape in the run up to fight night, and he will prepare to show the world why he should be in line for another title shot when he fares up against Dustin ‘The Diamond’ Poirier next Saturday at UFC 257.

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