Jose Mourinho in disguise? Gremio manager Renato Gaucho booked for foul vs Fortaleza

Renato Gaucho

The beauty of football often derives from its capacity to surprise. 

It's a game that so regularly throws up giant killings and results that go completely against the form book.

Each fixture throws up a new possibility and the unpredictability of football is what keeps so many millions of fans hooked season after season. 

And on the FA Cup 3rd round weekend, a staple of the footballing calendar that has become synonymous with the unexpected, something extremely bizarre happened. 

It rather aptly coincided with the gameweek when the Premier League clubs join the historic English competition, but the event actually took place much further afield in Brazil. 

During a Brazilian top flight clash, Gremio manager Renato Gaucho was booked early in the first half for committing a foul on Fortaleza's Carlinhos. 

In a frankly bonkers passage, Carlinhos scurried towards the touchline in order to keep the ball in play, which he managed to do with a neat backheel. 


Carlinhos' momentum carried him into Gaucho, who was positioned in his technical area, and as he attempted to swivel back into play to collect the loose ball and continue the attack, the 58-year-old manager held onto his waist and prevented him from re-entering the field. 

We've seen plenty of sh**housery in our time, but it's pretty left-field for a manager to chip in with a tactical foul. 

The 34-year-old left-back was remarkably calm during the exchange and barely even turned around to acknowledge the guilty party, though he does begin gesticulating to demand a booking as soon as he wriggles free from Gaucho's grasp. 

The referee, rather unsurprisingly, steps in to distribute a yellow card to Gaucho on the sideline before Carlinhos gets things back underway with a free kick from just inside the touchline.

Step into Gaucho's technical area at your peril.

You can see the incident in full below: 

Gaucho is not the first manager to foul an outfield player, though. 

Jose Mourinho actually stepped onto the field to commit an offence during the 2014 iteration of Soccer Aid, with the Portuguese rushing out of his technical area to impede Olly Murs. 

The celebrity singer was left grinning with astonishment on the floor while Mourinho, who was clearly delighted with himself, exited the scene with a sly smile of appreciation as a mixture of boos and applause rippled around him.

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