WWE news: Backstage producer names the most improved wrestler he's ever seen in WWE

WWE producer names his most improved star

WWE Producers have an important role in the development of on-screen talent.

It’s important to remember that very few stars arrive in the company as the finished product – their skills in and out of the ring need to be refined. 

Much of that work happens in NXT, but wrestlers continue to learn while on the main roster too. It’s the only way to grow and improve. 

It’s no doubt exciting for producers to see raw talent turn into something special and there are plenty of examples of that over the years. 

But who is the most improved wrestler that WWE Producer Tyson Kidd has ever seen? Well, he answered that on Sunday night, picking SmackDown star Bayley. 

“Mannnnnn, I have nothing but love in my heart when it comes to Bayley,” he tweeted, quoting a video of her on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions.

“I’ve told her personally and I’ll publicly say it – she’s the most improved wrestler I’ve ever seen in front of my eyes. It’s incredibly inspiring to see and highly contagious to be around.” 

That’s incredibly high praise for the four-time women’s champion. 

Bayley is so improved, in fact, that she’s decided to name herself on a Mount Rushmore of female wrestlers. 

When asked by Stone Cold Steve Austin to pick her four greatest women of all time, she said: “First of all, we’ll put me in there.

Bayley has been named WWE's most improved star

“Next to me and a little bit behind me, we’ll do Sasha Banks for the obvious reasons. I’ll be ahead of her, so she can be in the back corner.

“I’ll go with Lita because she’s the one that made me realise I could do it.

“There are so many you could put in there. I wanna say Chyna because she was so different and brought so much more to the table.” 

Chyna was also on Bayley's WWE Mt. Rushmore

Brilliant. Always back yourself, Bayley. With the title of WWE’s most improved wrestler, it’s no surprise to see her with this much confidence. 

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