FIFA 21: Manchester City's Phil Foden has a new and improved Ultimate Team


One of the most frustrating aspects of FIFA is coming up against a squad in Ultimate Team that completely blows your own squad out of the water.

It’s even more frustrating when that player actually knows how to play the game properly.

And now, thanks to Reddit user u/yaasir_khan, we’ve found another squad we really hope to avoid while gaming away.

Phil Foden is one of the most exciting young talents in football these days, and it seems that he’s been translating his performances on the pitch with Manchester City to his own FIFA Ultimate Team Squad.

u/yaasir_khan recently came up against Foden in FUT Champions, and the Reddit user posted a screenshot of the Englishman’s squad for the world to see.

In terms of formation, Foden has gone with the classic 4-1-2-1-2, using two central midfielders as opposed to a left and right midfielder.

He’s included two of his City teammates Ederson and Kyle Walker in his squad, both of which are in-form (IF) cards. Along with Walker at the back, he’s got two Icons in Carlos Alberto and Paolo Maldini, as well as Europa League TOTGS Theo Hernandez at left-back.


Icon Ruud Gullit sits as a defensive midfielder to protect the back, and just in front of him, a devastating CM duo of Paul Pogba and Cristiano Ronaldo.

If that wasn’t enough, Foden’s attack is quite the icing on the cake. He’s got Icon R9 playing in the number 10 role, with Foden himself partnered alongside Pele upfront. Note that Foden is using his exclusive FIFA 21 pro player card, which is rated 99 in each category.

While we are unsure what the outcome was between Foden and u/yaasir_khan, another Reddit user in December posted a screenshot of his matchup against Foden. The City midfielder was 3-1 up in the 54th minute in a FUT Champions match against a Division 1 player.

Foden indeed puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to FIFA, and boy oh boy can we already imagine the rage his opponents have when coming up against him.

That 99 rated pro player card is just one of many reasons we, as well as many others, will be hoping to avoid him and his insane Ultimate Team squad at all costs.

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