Australia vs India: Steve Smith sparks controversy yet again with actions during Test


Former Australia captain Steve Smith was caught on camera scuffing Rishabh Pant’s guard marks during a water break of the latest Test between the Aussies and India, sparking yet more ‘cheat’ controversy.

The video shows Smith walking up to the stumps in the most sly fashion, and ultimately removing the guard mark on the crease.

Pant then walked back to the stump following the break only to realise his original guard had vanished.

While Smith’s face is not revealed in the footage, his jersey number was, which has thus prompted quite the backlash online following his poor sportsmanship.

While it is still unknown whether Smith did it on purpose or just to play mind games with Pant, Australia are quite known for their ‘win no matter what’ mentality.

With India putting the pressure on the Aussies, Smith and his teammates were growing frustrated during the game, which may have prompted the scuffing of the guard.

As well as that, Australian fielders were seen aiming throws directly at the bodies of Indian batsmen.

Many fans on social media were quick to bash Smith and the Australians for their unsportsmanlike behaviour. One Twitter user said: “Can’t decide who’s the worst – Australian crowd, Australian umpires or Australian player Steve Smith.”

Smith is known for his controversial behaviour in cricket, most notably following a ball-tampering scandal in 2018, which saw him and two of his teammates Cameron Bancroft and David Warner banned.

At the end of play, India fought back to secure a draw, but it will surely be Smith’s behaviour that dominates the cricket headlines today.

An undeniably talented cricketer and easily one of the best batters to ever play the game, but these controversial actions will cloud his career if he continues to do them.

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